Gift Code Activation - The SignCut Suite

A quick guide to activate your gift code

For older SignCut Pro 2 versions go the downloads page.

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 Step 1

Stick the label onto your plotter.

Ensure that it is placed in a conspicuous area of your machine. Your gift code acts as your tracking license which will be required from you when retrieving your Pro 2 account and subscription through our support channel.

 Step 2

Activate your gift code.

Open SignCut Pro 2 then click Help and select Register Email, Gift Code, and Payment details.

  • A window will open where you need to click Next >
  • Then in the second window you can enter the gift code just below the phone number field.
    Click on Finish.
  • The subscription should now be credited to your SignCut Pro 2 Account.
    You can verify the expiration date by clicking on Help then select About SignCut.

 Step 3

Share your subscription with 3 other computers.

Your gift code subscription allows you to enjoy our Premium Edition which includes the following:

  1. Unlimited cutting width
  2. Access to the whole SignCut Suite - SignCut Spooler, SignCut BoxMaker, SignCut Draw and Graphic Tracer.
  3. Subscription shareable to a maximum of 4 computers.

To activate the sharing feature, you must first create a Master Account.

  • Once the master account is created, open SignCut Pro 2 and click the Account menu then select My Account. Scroll down to view and click on the Link to Existing Master Account button.
  • Enter your email address and password then proceed to Create Link.
  • Once done, close the My Account window. Then open the Account menu to select the Log in to Master Account option.
  • Go to My SignCut tab next, and you will now see all of the computers listed under your master account. Click the Link/Unlink (paperclip) on your main computer and a new window will appear.
  • Locate your secondary computer on the list and proceed to click on the paperclip icon again at the Action column to successfully link it.